An Idea

In the 1960's, these tracts of land were leased out by the State to various corporations. Within the next decade, these leases will be coming due. If elected to office, I would like to formally begin the process of creating a community based commission to study the feasibility of converting the following properties into the proposed projects.

If the community would like to see these leases expire so that the lands can be returned to the state, then we must come together to form a plan that will be satisfactory to the state so that they feel compelled to not renew the leases and instead give the lands to the community.

Olomana Golf Course

This parcel of land could easily be modeled after the Nation of Hawaii Puʻuhonua ʻo Waimanalo to provide housing for Kanaka Maoli and land to farm on. The location has potential to have many loʻi kalo, as well as various food bearing trees and medicinal plants. The current clubhouse/restaurant could be converted into an area for a farmers market.

Polo Field
polo field.jpg

Agricultural land huh? Its tax classification is that, but its use is not. Let this lease expire and open the land for the Waimanalo community to come and grow their own food. During my travels in Taiwan, I noticed that there were many garden plots on the outskirts of Taipei that residents came and tended to daily. Letʻs do that here.

Sea Life Park
sea life park.jpg

A heiau was destroyed to make way for this foreign attraction. Let the lease expire and put the University of Waimanalo at Kaupo there. It would be the perfect location for a Kanaka Maoli voyaging academy, marine biology academy, culinary arts, marine resource management, celestial navigation training, and many other schools.