Issues & Political Concerns

Time for Change


Food Sovereignty

Our islands once flourished with bounties of food from the land and ocean. If I am elected to office, I will pursue an active campaign of freeing up agricultural lands, and have them made available for immediate use by community and non-profit organizations to farm staple food items to be sold at local stores and community markets.

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Water use

Water is a precious resource that must be protected and harvested for future use. It will be my priority to see to it that water retention projects get funded so that we have adequate amounts during times of need.


New industries

The tourism industry took a huge hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. We must look for new industries to create meaningful employment for our workforce. Potential industries include computer sciences, finance, engineering, textile production, and many more.

Historical Question

Certain events in the history of these islands, and the supporting documents claiming to have authenticity, have come under scrutiny through the years. The State of Hawaii has the obligation to address these concerns.

Issues & Political Concerns

Time for Change

Crown Lands


Lands held by the mōʻī across all islands were improperly confiscated by the governments preceding the State of Hawaii. This has lead to the detriment of Kanaka Maoli which has had a compounding effect over the generations. The State of Hawaii needs to thoughtfully and respectfully address these issues.

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Land use

Land is a finite resource here in the islands. Conversion of agricultural lands to be developed for other uses should be heavily scrutinized. Any unused ag land should be made available to increase our food production. Unused green space shall also be made available for the public to grow food and medicinal plants.

Hawaiian Homes

The State of Hawaii has been negligent in its administration of the Hawaiian Homes Act. A recent class action lawsuit against the State will further burden taxpayers with an unnecessary exepnse. To prevent future claims from being paid out, the State should make it policy to clear the backlog of beneficiaries by processing lands and leases within the next 10 years.


The State Constitution

Although political parties give voters an impression of the way a candidate will operate once elected to office, my tenure will be guided by the Constitution of the State of Hawaii. I believe that document, which has been in effect since 1978, should be the playbook that all government officials use to make decisions in their official capacity.